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Wiz Khalifa, king of the open door “Architectural Digest”

Photo: Architectural Digest/YouTube

Some of this fall’s biggest contests are on the horizon: Will Steven Spielberg’s semi-autobiographical novel The Fabelmans win an Oscar? Can Democrats keep control of the Senate? You’ll have to wait for the answers to those questions, but thankfully more pressing matters have already been settled: Wiz Khalifa showing us his $4.6 million Mediterranean-style mansion is officially the most-watched Architectural Summary open door all time. (Sorry, Dakota Johnson’s lime.)

Is it important? No. Do we know why a brokerage called RubyHome compiled this information? No. Does this intrigue us? Yes. While more recent tours have the neat feel of a real estate listing (which they are, more or less), Khalifa’s six-bedroom home, filmed in 2018, seems almost Ordinary. There’s a messy pile of Legos in her son’s playroom. Looks like people are sitting in his living room. Its most notable feature is its 100 joint roll. (He could smoke them in three days, he estimates.)

I’ve consulted with the best scholars in our country and I can’t figure out who Zedd is, but the video of his minimalist Benedict Canyon style house came in second. Jessica Alba’s $10 million “Parisian-inspired” mansion in Beverly Hills came in third. She says she designed it by spending “a lot of time on Pinterest.” Now she has her own home improvement show on the Roku channel. Well done, Jessica!

But the most shocking revelation is that doesn’t make the cut. Kendall Jenner’s Clements-designed Beverly Hills home is the only Kardashian property to classify. Was it his custom James Turrell that got him the views or his thoughts on interior design? “I had a really white kitchen in my last house,” Jenner said, pointing to her emerald green cabinets, “which can be so beautiful.” So true, Kendall!

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