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Three reasons investors prefer real estate over stocks

Presented by Ashcroft Capital – Two common forms of investment strategies that smart investors use to grow their wealth with passive income include building a diversified portfolio of stocks and investing in real estate. While investing in the stock market is beneficial for many reasons, investing in private market properties such as multi-family offers several advantages. Here are three important reasons why some investors prefer multi-family private placements to equity investments.

Stocks can have a volatility not found with most private placement offerings. Real estate provides long-term cash flow, passive income, and the promise of appreciation (1).

The stock market is particularly vulnerable to several different forms of risk, including economic, inflationary and market risks. This volatility can arise due to geopolitical or company specific events. The real estate market in the United States has been strong for over a decade. Since 2010, the national housing market has added $ 11.3 trillion in value, an increase of over 50% (4).


If you sell a property you’ve invested in and invest the proceeds in buying a similar property, your capital gains taxes may be deferred to a later date, called a 1031 (3) tax-deferred swap. During this process, a qualified intermediary will hold the proceeds of the sale until the money can be transferred to the seller of the other property. Engaging in a 1031 avoids the long-term capital gains tax rate of 15-20% (5).


Over time, the value of a dollar increases due to inflation. While the value of money will invariably increase over time, the rate of inflation is not always constant. As inflation rises, the cost of everything rises, including real estate (2). When property values ​​rise, the landlord may charge a higher rent, which ensures a higher source of income. By keeping pace with inflation, you gain an advantage that is difficult to obtain with stock market investments.
It’s never too early to start generating passive income. Placing some of your money in multi-family private placements could help you balance your portfolio and reduce the potential for losses. To help you on this journey, download this free 20-page guide to understanding real estate private placements.

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