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Netflix is ​​on a roll when it comes to bringing us reality TV series. After some really convincing shows like Instant home makeover and some cringe like sell sunset and Sell ​​the OC, the OTT giant is back with another real estate reality show titled Buy my house. With Tom Forman, Jenny Daly, Moira Ross, Dan Morando and Mathew Pickel serving as executive producers, the show is directed by Carrie Havel.

The famous television presenter and fashion designer, Nina Parker, is the host of this series. There are a total of six episodes and each has a running time ranging from 30 to 40 minutes.

– Netflix’s Buy My House review contains no spoilers –

Buying my house: making the sale worthwhile

With a sell sunset as a story and shark tank llike the atmosphere, buy my house seems to have hammered itself into the sweet spot for audiences to enjoy, learn from, but also cringe at times. The series is short and crisp and delivers what it promises. But, more importantly, it thoroughly entertains you until the end.

In Buy my house, we’re introduced to four real estate magnets – Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman, Corcoran Group CEO Pamela Liebman, NFL linebacker Brandon Copeland and investment real estate mogul Danisha Wrighster. We have candidates, who are basically homeowners, coming up to the stage to sell their properties.

Throughout the series, we see various homeowners approach the judges and sell their home by pitching it, telling their stories about it, and often engaging in tough negotiations. Yes, very good Shark tank. With the deal sealed by one or more real estate moguls, our esteemed judges have the opportunity to work on the home of their choice – they can choose to knock it down or improve it or even decide to make a long term investment. term to work on the house.

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If the owners manage to convince the real estate experts on the bench, it could well turn out to be a dream come true for them because they do not have to commit to a long plan to market the house and, instead, will receive a full cash-only offer, with no realtor commission fees on the issue.

Buy My House crosses many boundaries when it comes to property listings. We see homes located in Austin, Oklahoma, Florida, Montana, Louisiana, Clevland, Nashville, Detroit, California and more. Obviously, there’s no shortage of variety as the homes we see range from mansion-sized buildings to average-looking places and even a condo! There is competition, but there are also heartfelt stories because there are hard deals to be made to give us success of all genres at once.

Buying my house: Final verdict

With such repetitive real estate reality shows hitting Netflix one after another, is it buy my house is it still worth watching? Well, the solid answer is yes. The single frame buy my house brings to this particular category of real estate and reality TV is definitely something new and engaging. The show isn’t just about selling the houses and making us cringe, but it’s about experiencing tough negotiations and real-life relationships.

Being a series at the end of the day, of course, there are unique and typical elements of this particular genre that will surface sooner or later. But, buy my house always tries to ground itself as much as possible in reality while giving us a taste of something familiar. On the stream you have to skip it, it sure is a hardcore stream. Plus, if business and real estate are your thing, you might fall in love with this show.

You can stream all episodes of buy my house now netflix.

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