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Syracuse Football Three Keys to Victory Against Florida State


If there’s one thing the Florida State team can do, it’s lose games. The tendency of the Seminoles to dig a hole with penalties and their lack of discipline makes the game more favorable to Orange. Although the Seminoles record is 0-4, FSU athletes pose a threat to Orange. With players such as Jermaine Johnson II and Keir Thomas at the helm of one of the nation’s leading defenses, it should be interesting to see how the Orange tackle them with Sean Tucker. Ultimately, the game will be determined by who is more disciplined and who can force turnovers.

Check the box

This kind of game in which both teams want to assert a kind of physical dominance over each other, expects heavy hasty attacks. Games like this are what defensive line and linebacker coaches live on. As both teams have cleats in the box, their game is essential. Mikel Jones, Marlowe Wax, Stefon Thompson and Geoff Cantin-Arku provide the depth Orange so badly needs to get this game out. Having linebackers who can not only be physical in the race but run side-to-side forcing turnovers will shake this up. Seminoles team already trampled underfoot. The Oranges are loaded into all aspects of defense and if they can control the area, get to McKenzie Milton or Jordan Travis, they’ll return the ball.

Feed the ball

As good as opening the offense for the orange sounds, sticking to what you do best and playing a clean game should result in a win. While the Seminoles are strong in defending the race, Sean Tucker poses a threat that’s hard to contain. Tucker breaks big runs, but is also relatively good on small runs, with the promising tendency to fall forward on contact picking up extra yards. His willingness to run the ball opens up opportunities for players such as Taj Harris and Anthony Queeley in the passing game. With Chris Elmore back in the backfield this game, it should be interesting to see how Tucker and Elmore complement each other.

Playing football in Syracuse

The age-old question of what Syracuse football is like was answered last week against Liberty. The relentless effort to win, regardless of who gets the credit, is the foundation of this team. The Oranges do not take the Seminoles lightly and know that the team is better than their record of 0-4. However, there is a reason this team is 0-4. The Seminoles’ lack of discipline and the many penalties have cost them games this season. The Orange have also struggled with penalties for part of the season. If the Orange can play clean football and force turnovers, that should translate into a win.


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