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For the editor:

So far, one million Americans have died from COVID-19. That’s more than three times the number of Americans who died in World War II.

These appalling numbers are brought to us as a complement to the right-wing extremists who spread deadly misinformation, sued, threatened and propagandized vulnerable Americans into believing that protecting public health was a liberty-threatening plot. .

Former President Trump and Governor DeSantis, along with right-wing media luminaries like Tucker Carlson, have often championed these conspiracies. Although fully immunized themselves, they led the charge against protecting the health of all Americans.

Despite DeSantis’ claims to the contrary, Florida has per capita death rates well above the average in the United States. Nine of the 10 deadliest states for COVID are led by Republicans. Florida has 345 COVID deaths per 100,000 people. Compare that with California, with a third fewer deaths, 229 deaths per 100,000. Floridians are twice as likely to die from COVID as residents of Washington or Maine, three times as likely to die as residents of Vermont, Puerto Rico or Hawaii.

These right-handers must be happy to see their message working so well. The more they lie, the more we die.

Susan McGuire