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Number of scholarships planned for 2022 by the state of Florida: after the early signing period

The early signing period is over, and while Florida State has taken a hard hit with No.1 prospect Travis Hunter turning to Jackson State, the Seminoles have still been able to build a strong 2022 class. , FSU holds the No. 20 recruiting class in the country with 15 fellows and the addition of PWO Dante Anderson.

That said, the ranking is not set in stone. Coaching staff are expected to continue pursuing high school goals ahead of the traditional National Signing Day in February. It remains to be seen exactly who is still available, but you can bet the Seminoles will take a close look at wide receivers, linebackers and unsigned defensive ends.

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Florida State could add up to 32 new players this offseason. That would include maybe 25 students enrolled in high school and up to seven transfers. The NCAA has instituted a unique rule that will allow college teams to replace seven outgoing players with seven transfers.

Let’s take a look at the state of scholarship numbers ahead of the coming new year.


Jordan travis, RS Jr.
Tate Rodemaker, RS Soph.


DJ Williams, RS Jr.
Treshaun district, RS Soph.
Laurent Toafili, RS Soph.
Corey’s Wren, RS Soph.


Camren mcdonald, RS Sr.
Wyatt Rector, RS Jr.
Koby Brut, RS Soph.
Markeston douglas, RS Soph.
Jackson West, Soph.


Ontario Wilson, RS Sr.
Keyshawn Helton, RS Sr.
Jordan Young, RS Jr.
Kentron Poitier, RS Soph.
Darion Williamson, RS Soph.
Ja’Khi Douglas, RS Soph.
Malik mcclain, Soph.
Joshua Burrell, Fr.


Dillan gibbons, RS Sr.
Darius washington, RS Soph.
Maurice smith, RS Soph.
Thomas shrader, RS Soph.
Herring Zane, RS Soph.
Lloyd willis, RS Soph.
Robert scott, RS Soph.
Orr rod, RS Fr.
Bryson Estes, RS Fr.

EDGE (8)

Leonard Warner, RS Sr.
Derrick mclendon, RS Soph.
Quashon Fuller, RS Soph.
TJ Davis, RS Soph.
Patrick payton, RS Fr.
George wilson, RS Fr.
Byron turner, RS Fr.
Shambre Jackson, RS Fr.


Robert cooper, RS Sr.
Dennis briggs, RS Jr.
Jarrett jackson, RS Jr.
Fabien Lovett, RS Jr.
Malcolm ray, RS Soph., RS Fr.
Joshua farmer, RS Fr.


Amari Winner, RS Jr.
Kalen DeLoach, RS Jr.
Stephane Dix, RS Soph.
DJ Lundy, RS Soph.
Jadarius Green-McKnight, RS Soph.
Jordan Eubanks, RS Fr.

SAFETY (6-7)

Jammie robinson, RS Jr.
Jacques McClellion, RS Sr.
Akeem Dent, RS Jr.
Renardo Green, RS Jr.
Brendan Glove, RS Jr.
Sidney williams, RS Soph.
Shyheim Brown, RS Fr.


Jarrian jones, RS Jr.
Jarvis brownlee, RS Soph.
Demorie Tate, RS Soph.
Kevin knowles, Soph.
Omarion Cooper, Soph.
Travis Jay, RS Soph.
Washington Hunter, RS Fr.


Ryan fitzgerald, RS Soph.
Alex Mastromanno, RS Soph.

CLASS 2022 / TRANSFERS: (19+)

AJ Duffy
Rodney Hill
Qae’Shon Sapp
Brian courtney
Powers of Jerrale
Richardson girl
Jaylen early
Kanaya charlton
Julien armella

Azareyeh thomas
Aaron Hester
Daniel Lyon
Bishop Thomas
Omar Graham Jr.
Sam mccall
Dante Anderson
Bless Harris (Transfer)

Kayden Lyles (Transfer)
Mycah Pittman (Transfer)

TOTAL: 81-83

The number of scholarships has already changed dramatically since we looked at the situation less than three weeks ago, as players such as Jashaun Corbin, Jaleel McRae, Carter Boatwright and others left the program this month. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the state of Florida will have enough attrition to accommodate nearly a full high school class and seven transfers.

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In fact, at the moment, they are already below the 85 limit. Based on current figures, the State of Florida has planned 83 scholarships awarded for the 2022 season if you include the incoming recruit class, three transfers and the Jasques McClellion / Dante Anderson Fellow number. If you remove McClellion and Anderson, that number drops to 81, which means that from now on, the Seminoles can add two to four more players without any issues.

Attrition is probably not over yet. We expect a few other players currently on the roster to leave the program in the coming weeks and months. It’ll be an intriguing situation to watch out for, but it’s also something the coaching staff have prepared for.

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NoleGameday will continue to keep you updated on Florida State roster changes throughout the 2022 offseason.

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