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NoleGameday Staff Score Predictions: Florida State vs. Florida

A win sits between Florida State and the program, earning an appearance in a bowl after starting the season 0-4. The Seminoles will travel to Gainesville on Saturday afternoon to face a team from Florida who are in the same scenario. FSU has won two back-to-wall games in a row and will have to do the same this weekend. A victory would ensure the program its first “state title” since 2016.

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On the flip side, the Gators have lost four of their last five games. An overtime loss over the weekend resulted in the sacking of head coach Dan Mullen. It remains to be seen if starting quarterback Emory Jones will be available for the contest. Jones was injured in practice this week but could still play. It will likely be a game time decision.

This will be head coach Mike Norvell’s first chance to face the Gators. These two programs did not match in 2020 due to COVID-19 programming restrictions. Florida won the last two games of the series, although the Seminoles won on the road in 2017.

Our staff provide their analysis and forecast for the state of Florida in Florida.

Dustin Lewis (@Dussttin)

It’s not crazy if it works. I picked the State of Florida to lose to Syracuse, North Carolina, Miami and Boston College and the Seminoles won those four games. I think it’s better for me to keep sacrificing my record for the team. It could end up being a really good game.

No matter how Florida feels, it’s a rivalry. This competition means that one program will have bragging rights for next year and send the other home. The state of Florida needs to come out and try to get things done quickly. Otherwise, we’ll have a fight until the end.

Season record: 5-6

Florida 28, Florida State 24

Logan Robinson (@LogansTwitty)

I’m excited for this game. This will be my first time in the swamp since 2013 when the ‘Noles and Kelvin Benjamin cleared the Gators.

This team continues to improve every week and on the other side in Gainesville there is a big drop. I think if the state of Florida can present itself as it has for the last couple of weeks, it will be fine.

There’s a chance they can put this away in the first half if they really want to. I don’t think the UF team will want to fight any more after what they’ve been through this season. Anthony Richardson, Emory Jones, both quarters playing, I don’t care. Jermaine Johnson, Keir Thomas and the defensive line are still on the other side of the ball and that’s it.

FSU ends UF’s winning streak against the ‘Noles this Saturday. Meet at Hogtown.

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Season summary: 8-3

Florida State 35, Florida 17

Nate Greer (@ NateGreer26)

I don’t know what to expect from this UF team. I still think FSU has a strong advantage running and that’s the story of the game. If UF leaves, it gets ugly.

Season summary: 4-7

Florida State 31, Florida 17

Austin Veazey (@NolesVikesVeaz)

As much as I want to turn our spell around, I just can’t force myself to pick Florida to win anything, I just can’t. And that’s really more important than any analysis I could make.

Season record: 5-6

Florida State 28, Florida 24

Charleston Bowles (@ Cbowles01)

One team is on the rise, while the other is on the decline. Even though the game is in Gainesville, I don’t think the atmosphere will cause much of a problem for Norvell and company. In his career debut against the Gators, I think Norvell prepared the Seminoles from the jump. Florida will have their handful of big plays, especially with Richardson at the helm, but the Noles defense is playing more physically throughout the game.

The Seminoles complete the sweep of the state and claim the elusive sixth victory.

Season summary: 8-3

Florida State 31, Florida 27

Noah Jahn (@ NoahJahn05)

Travis, Corbin and Ward are unstoppable. “Noles overthrows a team that resigns. We’re going bowling.

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Season summary: 4-7

Florida State 35, Florida 17

John Jenkins (@ _jmj4_)

I stick to the losing formula.

Season summary: 4-7

Florida 28, Florida State 24

Jacob Stevens (@ Jacob_Stevens26)

Florida has seen a lot of chaos this week, which affects them a lot.

Season record: 5-6

Florida State 31, Florida 10

Consensus: Florida State (6-2)

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