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Los Angeles mayoral candidates Karen Bass and Rick Caruso head into November election runoff

U.S. Representative Karen Bass and real estate developer Rick Caruso will contest a runoff election in November to replace current Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti after neither candidate won a majority in the primary election.

Caruso received about 42% of the vote on Tuesday, while Bass received about 37%, according to an LA County Clerk/County Clerk report. Since no candidate received 50% or more of the vote, the election must be held in November between the two candidates who received the most votes, according to the electoral code of the city of LA.

LA City Councilman Kevin De León came in third place with about 7% of the vote, followed by businesswoman Gina Viola Peake and LA City Attorney Mike Feuer at about 5. % and 2% respectively, according to the LA County Clerk/County Clerk. .

Bass, a U.S. congresswoman representing California’s 37th congressional district, is running on a platform of reducing homelessness and improving public safety, according to her campaign website.

During a speech Tuesday after the election, Bass said she wants to make Los Angeles a city people want to live in because it’s safe, clean and affordable, adding that she hopes to reduce the number of people living on the street.

Bass plans to reduce homelessness by building more housing and directing homeless people to public services, according to his campaign website.

Caruso focuses on issues of homelessness, public safety and corruption, according to his campaign website.

Caruso said during a speech after Tuesday’s election results that he thinks Angelenos don’t feel heard and are tired of excuses from career politicians. He added that the city needs to provide more support for people experiencing homelessness.

According to his campaign website, Caruso plans to declare a state of emergency, audit the LA City Council’s current response, and build more shelter beds to reduce homelessness.

Caruso said he believes Los Angeles residents can be united because they all care about issues like homelessness, crime and corruption.

“We have the power to change the direction of Los Angeles, and that’s how we vote,” Caruso said in the speech.

Bass said Tuesday that she also hopes to unite the people of Los Angeles through a diverse grassroots campaign.

“This is a campaign about strength and power that must be mobilized against the many crises we face,” Bass said. “Strength and power can only come from the power of the people.”

The run-off to choose LA mayor will take place on November 8.