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Letters to the Editor – June 29, 2021

Attack on freedom of expression

By signing recent legislation that will require public universities and colleges to survey students, faculty and staff on their beliefs and views to support “intellectual diversity,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said in a statement on universities : are more intellectually repressive environments. You have orthodoxies that are promoted and other points of view are rejected or even suppressed.

The governor could not cite any examples. It is nothing more than a shameful attack on freedom of expression. What’s the next step for teachers and others who don’t “comply”? Will they be required to wear armbands? What a slippery slope!

Jack Payne, Cedar Key

Keep quiet

If each person who receives the Governor’s Political Ideology Inquiry simply enters a student or faculty ID number and leaves all other questions blank, everyone’s right to an opinion remains intact and everyone has participated as required.

We have the right to remain silent.

Jana Middleton, Gainesville

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Be fair to Florida

Your June 21 front page signature says, “Florida is becoming the birthplace of riot as January 6 arrests continue to pile up.” The basis is apparently that Florida has the highest number of arrests at 47 (tied with Texas). Why does The Sun continue to have such an obvious and persistent bias against the Conservatives? Many of us live here and are proud of it; and by the way, we also buy your newspaper.

Instead of the total number of arrests, the much more significant number would be that of arrests per capita. Using the arrest numbers provided in The Sun, Florida has 2.2 arrests per million population (and Texas only has 1.5). However, Ohio also has 2.2, Maryland is close at 2.1, and New York has 1.9.

But the leaders among those dozen states with the most arrests are: Virginia, 2.7; Kentucky, 3.3; and Pennsylvania, 3.4. California only has 0.6, but they’re mostly Democrats living nearly 3,000 miles away.

I haven’t calculated the per capita rate for the other 38 states, but I seriously doubt the real numbers point to Florida as a home. Go now, get real; let’s be fair to Florida!

Malcolm Ernst, Alachua

The raid was overkill

The description of the raid with long guns and tactical equipment on the real estate office building reminds me of the raid on Osama bin Laden. You would think he was raised from the dead and our SWAT team in Gainesville got him stuck and stuck in his compound.

What is going on here and around America? It seems our police forces across this country are hungry for militarized action. The only thing missing from the real estate raid were the helicopters hovering over the roof and landing on the ground. Maybe the SWAT team forgot that these were the citizens of Gainesville and not Pakistan or Afghanistan?

I cannot imagine the horror felt among the people working in this real estate agency. For me, the actions of the SWAT team at the Gainesville Police Department were extremely excessive. Maybe that’s why some people talk about police reform and funding issues.

Was this level of raid against the citizens of our community necessary, or was it just another training exercise that endangered real human lives? Traumatic, shameful and unnecessary, by my calculations.

Philoron A. Wright Sr., Gainesville

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