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FSU Film School Launches Free Screening of MFA Graduate Students’ Synthesis Work

Still image from “The Sunlight of Your Tongue”.

At the end of the 2022 summer semester, Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts presents a free public screening of graduate thesis films to the Tallahassee community.

The films will be screened in two parts on Saturday, July 30 at the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall and represent the work of sophomore graduate students who, as they do every year, have produced 16 narrative films lasting up to 15 minutes each. . . Students write, direct, produce, shoot and edit the work to fulfill the requirements of their master’s degree.

“This world premiere represents the culmination of two years of demanding collaborative work by our graduate students towards mastering the filmmaking process,” said Reb Braddock, Dean of the college. “We are very happy to be back at the beautiful Ruby Diamond Concert Hall following the COVID hiatus.”

The first part will begin at 3 p.m. and will feature “Pas de Deux”, “Our Terminal”, “Joy”, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down”, “Vardo”, “Beautiful Dark”, “Finding Jordan” and “Mi Hija.

Part two will begin at 7 p.m. and feature “Dream City,” “Shooting Blanks,

“Creeker”, “Wet Things”, “The Sunlight from Your Tongue”, “Melancholic Beauty”, “The Taste of Pomegranate” and “They Flyw Like Blackbirds”.

Still image of “Vardo”.

Films include dramas about Iranian immigrants in Miami in 1980; a young girl stalked by the ghost of La Llorona; the young son of immigrants from the Bahamas who explores his gender identity; and a young Black adopted in the Old South who hears birds for the first time.

The lineup also includes a thriller about a woman who picks up a stranger on a road trip and a comedy about an office Christmas party gone wrong.

Material may not be suitable for children.

For more information, visit tallahasseearts.org.