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Former Florida State Receiver discusses Seminole offer

After last weekend’s underclassmen combined in San Antonio, TX, one of the emerging names for the 2024 class is Camdon Frier of Live Oak – Suwannee.

If the last name sounds familiar to Florida State fans, it should – his father served as wide receiver from 1989 to 1993 and his uncle served as defensive back from 1995 to 1999. With his performance at the combine last weekend, it looks like FSU will be chasing another legacy rookie who will be a national rookie.

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“On the combine, I ran the fastest 40-meter sprint with 4.5,” said Frier. “I was a little disappointed but they said the turf was slow but it was electronic time. I had a few talks afterwards – that’s when I found out I had run the fastest. In 1 on 1, I raced the slot 99% of the time. Really at first the quarters didn’t pick me, but after a few routes and finding out that I was the fastest they started picking me. I wanted to get as many reps as possible, but it was a bit chaotic. I had 6 or 7 reps but it was a niche most of the time. It was fun though.

With his father and uncle playing FSU, it’s no wonder Camdon has become a fan of the program. He says that despite his love for the program, which he openly acknowledges, he wants to try to conduct his recruiting process with an open mind.

“I’ll be honest, it’s hard not to want to follow in my dad and uncle’s footsteps, but I’m trying to be my own man,” Frier explained. “I can’t deny that I love FSU – I’ve always loved it and always will even if something happened and I didn’t go. I keep going and I know a lot of guys who play baseball there. “Bottom. On signing day I was praying for Julian Armella and Marvin Jones Jr. My dad said Marvin’s dad is the meanest man he’s ever seen play.”

Last week, Frier announced that he had received an offer from Mike Norvell and his team to play football at FSU. The offer came from Ron Dugans, and it was the culmination of the hard work he has done since he was a child.

“Getting this offer has been the highlight of the job I’ve done since I was 13,” said Frier. “With baseball I knew it was going to happen, but I only started to think about D-1 football when I was in high school. This is at the top of the list for me. I’ve been talking to FSU for over a year for baseball. When I got the offer I called Mike Martin Jr and told him. I cried. It was awesome and it’s the dream of a lifetime.

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“I got the offer from Coach Dugans,” Frier continued. “Honestly the conversation was long but it went quickly because he knew it was a special moment for me that I would like to celebrate with my family. He told me that he did not know my father but that he was playing with my uncle and he was a big fan of me. FSU is a top 3 program for me and i want to enjoy the process and i want to show the schools i want to go through the process but man. i am not going not wait and do one of those hat ceremonies. My dad wanted to wait and do all the hat stuff, but when Coach Bowden walked in and they ate fried chicken he said it was hard to tell him no. I have this photo but it will be difficult to believe that I am not engaged when 2023 begins, we will see. “

“With Coach Dugans he said he spoke to Coach Norvell and watched my movie,” Frier said. “He said since he knew my uncle, he knew what kind of player I was. He was talking to my dad. My dad handed me the phone and it was Coach (Dugans). Coach wanted to let me know that he wanted my first offer to be memorable and that he personally wanted to give it to me.No matter who else offers, I’ll remember that.

Frier is an elite baseball player who has been in the baseball recruiting scene for quite some time. Perfect Game makes him a potential high draft pick as a center. Playing both sports in college will be the key to his recruitment.

“I want to play football and baseball,” Frier said. “I like football more, but I think I stand out more in baseball. Football has more monsters playing than baseball, but I love it. Any school I go to baseball has to be an option. I like to play center because I can control the outfield. My mom went to TCC and set the stolen base record there. I used to start and that’s what I like to do, enter base and steal bases. I have offers from Clemson, Rice, Georgia and South Carolina for baseball. Texas A&M proposed, Georgia wants me to visit and go to camp. They are with FSU in my top 3.

Wherever Camdon goes in college, he wants to be part of a winning team. Knowing that FSU is striving to become an elite program again is something he pays close attention to.

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“FSU has struggled the last few years, to be honest it’s impacting my recruiting,” Frier said. “I want to go to a winning school, but despite all of that FSU is still one of the best schools for me. I believe in Coach Norvell, my dad believes in Coach Norvell. I have seen progress. I watch it too, that I could go out there and help turn the tide. My dad thinks that by the time I get out of college, FSU will be competing for the national championships. They are close, very close.

Frier just finished a second season where he had 70 catches for 600 yards and four scores. He plays slots a lot these days, but thinks he can play indoors and outdoors in college.

“I played both receiver positions for Suwannee,” Frier said. “My first year, I was smaller and not fully grown, so I mostly played the slot machine. I grew up before my sophomore year, now I’m 6’1 “, 175 pounds, so I played outside too. With our playbook I play the slot machine, but when I’m on a side I’m wide. The one game I managed to do the most, I had over 100 yards in the first half. It was a fun game.

Now that the combine is done, Camdon is focusing on baseball, but a visit to FSU is on the horizon.

“Now that the combine is done, I’m focusing on baseball,” Frier said. “I played it while I was training for the combine, but it was tough playing baseball. Coach JP is my regional recruiter. He wants to get me there soon. Every visit I have had has been wonderful. The Notre Dame game – this is the FSU I want to go to. I was also there in July. I will find the time to return.

We’ll be following Frier’s growing recruiting here at NoleGameday, so stay tuned!