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Florida State with zero picks in the 2022 NBA Draft

For the first time since 2018, Florida State has no players selected in the NBA draft. John Butler, Anthony Polite and Malik Osborne were all draft eligible and worked for the teams, but none showed enough for a team to take a chance on a draft pick.

Butler had the best chance of being selected and was thought to have a decent chance of being drafted, but it wasn’t meant to be. This certainly sheds light on his decision to leave after his first season, as many considered it questionable. Everyone sees his potential and many thought he could have been a first round pick had he stayed another season in Tallahassee, now he will fight in the Summer League to hopefully land a bigger contract .

For Osborne and Polite, it’s a little less surprising that they weren’t drafted, but they should still have opportunities elsewhere. At the very least, they will receive invites to Summer League and Summer Camp.

Both Osborne and Polite have skills that teams should love, as Polite fits the prototypical 3-and-D wing and Osborne is a versatile defender who shot the 3 at a high level during his career at Florida State. . If they were a little younger or had healthy seasons, it might have been a different draft story for these two.


Osborne signed a summer league contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He hopes to work his way into a bigger, full contract.

Anthony Polite has an opportunity with the San Antonio Spurs.