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Florida State Football: Adam Fuller and John Papuchis discuss NC State game

Florida State Football kicked off Game Week in Miami this morning with Mike Norvell and the coordinators taking the podium to speak to the media. Defensive coordinator Adam Fuller and special teams coordinator John Papuchis were the last two to step onto the podium. Each reviewed the NC State game and considered the opportunity against the Hurricanes. Here’s what Fuller had to say:

“Not good enough to win… There were obviously games that created 28 points. It was not training, it was piece games.

“The tackle, sometimes it’s physical, sometimes it’s envy, sometimes it’s technical, sometimes it’s talent. At the end of the day, there will be one-on-one games. Unfortunately, some of those missed tackles showed up for big chunks. “

“(Tyler Van Dyke) plays with a lot of confidence. His confidence has won him success. He has a real real arm.

“They’ve created a lot more explosives than the teams have stopped in recent weeks.”

“Part of our growth this year is that you feel that (responsibility). “

“Until you can admit you made a mistake, it’s hard to improve. Once you’ve accepted it, it’s easier for the group to move forward.

Here’s what Papuchis had to say:

“We try not to get where there is a lot of gray for the player. We’re 7 heels. There really isn’t a time when we want our guys to be inside of this.

“Parker’s (Grothaus) performance was obviously very good. It was brave to go there and get it. It gave us a chance because we needed a spark.

“I can tell just by (Keir Thomas’) body language yesterday that he’s locked up and ready to go. He played well on Saturday.

“I think you see overall defense growth over the year.”

“You see a group starting to come together. Hopefully over the next few weeks we will see the full potential of this. “

“Alex (Mastromanno) had a very solid game for us. A few kicks inside the 10, which is obviously critical. Having his multiplicity and his kicking style is an advantage for us. I thought he played well the other night and helped us.

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