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Florida State Footbal News: Mike Norvell expects progress this week

The Florida State Seminoles are about to start the football season.

Doing something for the first time in decades with this program comes with immense success or failure and, despite two close losses, this season was the last.

Florida State has its first 0-3 start since Bobby Bowden’s freshman year. And they’ve suffered losses to Jacksonville State and Wake Forest over the past two weeks. Looking at the timeline ahead of them, wins will not be awarded to them, so improvements are definitely needed to reverse the trend. Head coach Mike Norvell said Monday he expects the turnaround to begin this week.

He also didn’t have a real update on quarterback Jordan Travis’ injury status. On the team’s latest depth chart, McKenzie Milton is still listed as a starter, but, as we learned last week, we can’t read too much. But there are a few other changes, including one in the receiving body which has suffered a lot.

Norvell has drawn a lot of criticism for the difficulty of the attack, as he has a role to play in the play appeal process. Many of you are pushing him to lose those tasks – something he said he did. ‘he won’t give up – and others want him relieved of his coaching job as a whole. But I urge you to read Jon Marchant’s opinion piece on why he thinks patience is the only way to get this program back on its feet.

The ACC also announced kickoff times for the Oct. 2 roster, including Florida State versus Syracuse.

Part of Jon’s argument for Norvell centers on the implications of recruiting another transitional class for the program, especially with the momentum this group has built over the summer.

But did another defeat on the field impact the class? NoleThruAndThru and Josh Pick explain everything and chat with you about it all in the latest recruiting thread.

The must-have of the class remains Travis Hunter and he is recognized as one of the stars of the sport of tomorrow.

A tough week for Jameis Winston this week and that’s all I’ll say on the subject as a Saints fan, but it’s been a great week for Florida State defensive backs in the NFL. The guys at the pros closed all Sunday.

Fall sports have a busy weekend with lots of games on the go.

Florida State Baseball is still a few months away from the start of its season, but they have some fall games coming up in a few weeks, so mark your calendars (or add them to your calendar app. in 2021 after all) for your first glimpse into this year’s squad.

Looking to the future, the program has gathered a lot of talent for this year’s squad and has even more to come in the years to come.

The Florida State Women’s Tennis Team is also adding great talent to the campus when the Kianah Motosono graduates transfer from Oklahoma.

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