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Florida Skipping Toddler COVID Vax? Biden’s Order on LGBTQ Care; Louder PFAS warning

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Florida is the only state that has not pre-ordered COVID-19 vaccine doses for children under 5, though clearance appears imminent following unanimous approval by an FDA advisory panel. (Politics)

Here is What do you want to know on vaccines for these young children. (Reuters)

Production at an Abbott infant formula factory is back on break due to local flooding. (the wall street journal)

The World Health Organization is investigating possibility that monkeypox is sexually transmitted, based on reports of viral DNA being detected in people’s semen. (Reuters)

Starting Thursday at 8:00 a.m. EDT, the unofficial american COVID toll reached 85,900,900 cases and 1,011,528 deaths, increases of 174,176 and 592, respectively, since this time yesterday.

President Biden signed an executive order directing federal agencies to expand access to gender-affirming care and promote LGBTQ inclusion in schools. (BNC News)

Gender-affirming care can start earlier, according to the new guidelines of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health shared with the PA.

Meanwhile, a divided medical community faces growing demand for gender therapy for young people. (New York Times)

North Korea reports unidentified person “acute enteric epidemic” which takes place in his western city of Haeju. (Reuters)

Rural hospitals meet private equity: a cautionary tale. (Kaiser Health News)

Even like deer still remains the law of the land, Oklahoma and South Dakota have get rid of legal abortions, with other states set to follow. (New York Times)

New Jersey is marketing its abortion protections to drain business and talent from conservative states. (NPR)

The experimental crenezumab did not slow cognitive decline in people predisposed to early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in the Colombia ADAD API trial, Genentech announced.

Janet Woodcock, MD, of the FDA, acknowledged the “miscalculation” of OxyContin harm by endorsing the painkiller in 1995. (Bloomberg Law)

Hundreds of pediatricians submitted personal information gun violence testimonies to the US Senate Judiciary Committee, and the American Academy of Pediatrics has highlighted several such accounts.

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued new warnings about polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), saying these so-called forever chemicals – which are found in drinking water and common household items – may be more dangerous than previously thought. (Washington Post)

New Virginia State Health Commissioner Colin Greene, MD, MPH clashes with colleagues who dare call racism a public health problem. (Washington Post)

Cancer trials bounced back following the first disruptions of the pandemic, a study Annals of Oncology said.

The effects of the long COVID are already visible in national labor statistics. (Bloomberg)

And is COVID setting the stage for a “mass deterioration event?” (Atlantic)

Research suggests how people hosting persistent coronavirus infections could give rise to new variants. (Nature)

Why New York’s rat population blooms during the pandemic. (Pest control technology)

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