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Florida FedEx Driver Gives Child With Special Needs An Unforgettable Vacation Gift

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Christmas may be over, but the gift of giving and the holiday spirit is still here – and a family in Panama City Beach found out on Wednesday.

The Leis family never seem to have a boring day, especially with 10 children, seven of whom still live at home with their mom, Brittany, and dad, Josh.

Josh is also in the Air Force.

“The hardest part is being far from [family], “he said.” I think when you’re home you really treasure the time you have with them and the time you spend with them. “

Nine years ago Brittany and Josh had Sawyer. He was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism when he was almost two years old.

When Sawyer was four, Brittany said he began to develop a unique fascination.

“He loves FedEx,” she said. “We don’t really know why he likes FedEx, but he does.”

Brittany said Sawyer’s love for FedEx has helped him, especially in his therapy at Florida State University.

“It’s probably only been the last six months or so that I’ve kind of fueled interest in FedEx and I’m like, ‘Hey, maybe we can use that as a tool to help him with his therapy. ABA. “” she said.

And so the family supported his interest.

Brittany made Sawyer a FedEx pilot costume for Halloween this year and even threw him a FedEx-themed birthday party.

Each day, the family can find Sawyer waiting by the window to watch the delivery truck go by.

“Every day we see the same FedEx driver drive through our neighborhood, and now I know his name is Justin,” Brittany said. “We swapped names, and Sawyer said hello and admired the truck.”

Wednesday, Justin the delivery driver left a sweet surprise for Sawyer.

“One of the kids opened the door and it was this little backpack full of Justin’s goodies,” Brittany said. “It was very sweet.”

The gift was a backpack full of FedEx-themed items, including sunglasses, hat, t-shirt, mug, and Sawyer’s personal favorite: highlighters.

“He didn’t speak, but you could see his wheels spinning like ‘All that FedEx stuff for me,’ and he kept pulling things out and smiling and his eyes were happy,” Brittany said.

The family said they were incredibly grateful for Justin’s kind gesture.

“It’s great to know that someone took the time to do this,” Josh said. “Just stop by and talk to Brittany about Sawyer first.”

Brittany said the gesture brought tears to her eyes.

“If I could give [Justin] a hug, I would, ”she said. “I really appreciate the time it took to put together this package for Sawyer… It means a lot to us.”

The family haven’t seen Justin in person since receiving the gift, but they said they plan to thank him as soon as they see him again.