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Election Results: City of Fort Worth Bond Measures | May 2022


This grassy footpath along West Bailey Boswell Road will be paved with sidewalks if voters approve part of the $560 million bond package.

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Voters appear poised to approve the entire $560 million bond package, according to early unofficial results on Saturday.

Largest bond package in Fort Worth history responds to Fort Worth’s explosive growth, north of the 820 loop.

Residents living in these areas have been lobbying the city to include more funding for overloaded two-lane country roads that can no longer keep up with increased traffic. The city included $48.9 million in the package to build or expand roads in far north Fort Worth.

Residents inside Loop 820 have urged the city to increase funding for parks and pools. A proposal includes $4.2 million for renovations to Forest Park Pool and a pool complex at Stop 6.

The five proposals were the most fiscally responsible way for the city to fund the projects, City Manager David Cooke said in April. Bonds will not raise taxes.

This story was originally published May 7, 2022 7:32 p.m.

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