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Due to the demands of landlords, more and more real estate companies prefer not to rent houses

If you are one of the few who dare to register their property lease, then seriously consider the idea of ​​doing it through a real estate agency. Of course, it will cost both whoever wants to take the property and the rent to determine the value of what you should charge.

What is happening? Avoid renting a propertyThey say it’s because It doesn’t bring them a lot of income, but it brings them a lot of headaches. For those who deal with customers.

“In Argentina, as they discuss what will happen with the economy, subsidies, adjustments and agreements with the IMF, tenants are adding more problems to their daily lives,” warns real estate broker Oscar Puebla.

The condition of farmers today is more worrying than a month ago. “Due to the economic uncertainty we are going through, Landlords are asking more and more demands for rent, and they are impossible to meetNot to mention those who intend to charge in dollars and cash,” explains Puebla.

This is one of the biggest hurdles for real estate companies today when it comes to leasing, which they avoid by all means.

Rent, only one problem

What’s going on Although housing rents are in pesos, the floating rental market is in dollars., and leave a much more lucrative return. While a traditional rental leaves an annual profit of 4% in pesos, a temporary rental leaves 9% per annum and in hard currency.

All regions require immediate rental law changes

“So, The northern corridor, from the city of Buenos Aires and also in the province, is completely forbidden to Argentina. Looking for a house in this area. And the potential locations keep shrinking,” says Puebla, while calling for the immediate repeal of the rental law.

Miguel Di Maggio, director of real estate agency Depa, agrees, stating that 60% of the real estate rental market is now dollarized,

“On the one hand, by interpreting this situation, one can understand the owner. The owner of real estate does not want to be old and lose to inflation. A property that is rented at a price today will be due in four months. A price completely exceeded. Because there’s five percentage points (or more) of inflation, and the landlord pays attention to that when raising rents,” says Di Maggio.

And he adds: “In February, the annual update was 47%. And today, we are at 60%. These 13 percentage points are transferred directly to the rental price. Compared to this, we see that the last four weeks how it has accelerated in the rise in rental values ​​due to the rising dollar.

rent in the middle of inflation

“Given the socio-economic context and the indifference of legislators to a rental law that presents an unprecedented degree of inequality, real estate brokers are struggling to solve not only our role. The dilemma is posed, which is based on the protection of rights between landlords and tenants, but even before the provision of a housing rental service offers us conditions that do not end up solving the housing deficit”, Marcella Capadevilla, real estate consultant.

“This is the real cause of the problem, housing shortage, and this is what affects consumers the most. And nobody thinks of a solution, not even in the long term,” says Capdevilla.

Due to the demands of landlords, more and more real estate companies prefer not to rent houses

Many are convinced that the real estate market is indeed dollarized.

Puebla brings The issue of inflation is one of the points that adds seriousness to the reality of tenants.,

“The level of inflation is inversely proportional to wages, which may not follow the consumer price index (CPI), and therefore Rent saves a little more every day», Worries the expert.

“The real estate market is completely crazy. Of course, tenants are looking for accommodation at all costs. But those of us who work in this industry have decided not to rent property because we own it. demands that we believe are unreasonable. It’s a really worrying moment,” says Puebla.