Do you credit or Good Finance? Which one I choose? Opinion of a professional

When we are presented with an unexpected expense and we do not have enough money, the first thing we think about is asking for a quick loan. Among so many options, it sometimes becomes difficult. The best in these cases is to make a comparison among the best. Here we are going to contrast two offers of fast credit companies that stand out: Good Credit and Good Finance.

Do you credit or Good Finance? Which one I choose? Opinion of a professional.

Why choose Good Credit


We can get a credit instantly for any eventuality . You can opt for a minimum amount of $ 500 and a maximum line of credit up to $ 5,000. They do not charge management fees or commissions for loan approval. The repayment term is 61 days up to a maximum of 36 months.

We have the possibility of making the return flexibly in 36 months, without paying commission for early repayment. The requirements and conditions for applying for fast credits are the same for both Good Credit and Good Finance : being of legal age, having an address in Spain and having a valid identification document (DNI or NIE).

No endorsement is necessary or obtain another bank account. It is also not necessary to collect by payroll, only to have verifiable monthly income, regardless of whether the money is obtained by payroll, unemployment benefit, pension or self-employment. Neither Good Credit nor Good Finance accept files from delinquents such as ASNEF or any other similar.

The application process of both companies is completely online

The application process of both companies is completely online

From the application process to its approval. It is not necessary to leave the house or make long lines, much less perform bureaucratic procedures. Just having the Internet, a computer or a mobile, the rest is easy.

In both companies, the approval response is obtained in a few minutes . The company offers the client the income of the money in only 15 minutes, if the loan is approved. With regard to fast credit reimbursement, it offers us flexible payments: between 2 months and 36 monthly payments.

If we make an advance payment, whether full or partial, we do not pay any commission. If we find it difficult to pay a fee, Good Credit gives a “month of respite,” that is, deferring the monthly payment. It is feasible to anticipate or postpone the return time, when we request the modification. This service carries a minimum additional cost.

Finally, in terms of interest rates, it offers a considerable range of financing for those who apply, from loans with a minimum APR of 24.90% to loans with an APR of 381.28% maximum reserved for higher risk profiles.

Advantages of choosing Good Finance


Good Finance has a direct credit line that allows financing any emergency. The amount that allows us to get varies between $ 500 and $ 4,000. They do not charge maintenance fees or commissions for loan approval. Nor is it essential to change banks. The repayment term of this company is longer than that of Good Credit.

The return terms range from 12 to 42 months. They do not charge commissions for partial or total cancellation. The final term can change in a month according to the days of financing. The credit approval response is immediate. Although the income of the money is made in 24 hours maximum, if the loan is approved.

Good Finance fast credit reimbursement offers us flexibility in the amount of fees : between 12 months and 42 monthly payments, as well as the fee we prefer to pay. They do not charge any commission for early repayment. The interest is the same for all credits and terms. Minimum and maximum APR: 24.51%, TIN: 22.12%.

In short, both companies have their similarities and differences. The truth is that both companies offer financial products that represent an effective solution for those who at some point we face a money problem. Because they are personal loans online, all management is agile, fast and secure.

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