City government

DataBank: local government meetings (April 21)

(Editor’s note: The following agendas should be considered draft agendas up to 72 hours before meetings.)

Los Lunas Village Council

When: 6 p.m., Thursday, April 21, in the council room

Agenda highlight: Consideration to serve alcoholic beverages during the 4th of July celebration

Also on the agenda

  • Public Contribution Forum
  • Review of Appointment of Library Board Members
  • Executive Session to Discuss Hiring a Full Time Recreation Specialist

Bosque Farms Village Council

When: 5:45 p.m., Thursday, April 21, in the council room

Agenda highlight: Examination of the nomination of the mayor pro tem

Also on the agenda

  • Executive meeting to discuss hiring a police officer and the ongoing Linson litigation against the Village of Bosque Farms
  • Department reports
  • Mayor and council reports
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Items outside the agenda
  • Planning and Zoning Commission Nomination Review
  • Review of Library Board Appointments
  • Review of staff council appointments
  • Review of appointments to the Global Plan Committee
  • Review of the Open Meetings Act Resolution
  • Police Officer Hiring Review
  • Consider transferring money from CDs to money market accounts
  • Salvage Unit Sale Review

Belen City Council

When: 10 a.m., Friday, April 22, at Central Elementary School, 600 E. Picard Ave.

Agenda highlight: A quorum of the City of Belen governing body may be present on USDA Rural Development-sponsored “Earth Day.” City business can be discussed; however, no action will take place.

Rio Communities City Council Workshop

When: 3 p.m., Monday, April 25, in the council room

Agenda highlight: MOA Discussion with Valencia County Sheriff’s Office

Also on the agenda

  • Discussion of the Accounts Payable report
  • Grant Writer Contract Discussion
  • Working Group Discussion on Fees
  • Public Comment
  • City Manager’s report, including universal waste management systems, soft opening of the library, and public works and janitorial employees
  • General Council debate and future agenda items

Rio Communities City Council

When: 6 p.m., Monday, April 25, in the council room

Agenda highlight: Planning and Zoning Member Appointment and Renewal Review

Also on the agenda

  • Swearing in Acting Fire Chief and Code Enforcement Officers
  • Clerks Week Proclamation
  • Public Comment
  • Report from the City Manager, including the soft opening of Library and Public Works and Janitorial staff
  • Consideration of supplier accounts
  • Grant Writer Contract Consideration
  • Executive session to discuss the legal services agreement and the purchase, addition or disposal of real estate or water rights
  • Review of a legal services agreement and the purchase, addition or disposition of real property or water rights

Valence Departmental Planning and Zoning Commission

When: 3 p.m., Tuesday April 26, in the committee room

Agenda highlight: Examination of a request for exemption from Anchor Engineering for the division of land resulting only in the modification of the boundaries of the parcels when the parcels are modified for the purpose of increasing or reducing the size of the contiguous parcels and when the number of parcels is not increased in the Eastland Hills subdivision

Also on the agenda

  • Considering a rezoning for Thomas Tinnin from Rural Residential 2 to Community Commercial for future development on a property on the south side of Morris Road in Los Lunas

Valencia Soil and Water Conservation Supervisory Board

When: 4 p.m., Tuesday, April 26. Meeting ID: 947 334 101#

Agenda highlight: Update from the Whitfield Committee on Big Hole Fire and WCAC Conservation Activities and WWCA Hours of Operation and Grounds

Also on the agenda

  • Public Comment
  • District staff report
  • Update on staff actions
  • Science Fair/Earth Day Celebration Report
  • Aldo Leopold Prize for Conservation
  • March Expenditure Review, Review and Approval, Authorization of Annual Plant Levy Rate and Submission of Q3 DFA Report
  • Updates from NMDA, NRCS, MRGCD, Friends of Whitfield and correspondence

Belen School Board

When: 5 p.m., Tuesday, in the meeting room of the administration office

Agenda highlight: Open Enrollment Policy Review with Changes

Also on the agenda

  • Executive session, beginning at 3:30 p.m., to discuss ownership
  • Open forum
  • Recognition of Tyler Martinez
  • Superintendent’s Report including ACTE National Policy Seminar and Graduation Rates
  • Board reports

Peralta Town Hall

When: 6 p.m., Tuesday, April 26, at the town hall of Peralta

Agenda highlight: Universal Waste System Contract Renewal Review

Also on the agenda

  • Department reports
  • Reports of governing bodies
  • Public Comment
  • Discussion and review of the burning ban
  • Discussion of the fire/flood emergency plan
  • Night Sky Ordinance Discussion
  • Discussion and Review of Regulated Commercial License at 3526 NM 47
  • Discussion of town property in Molina and NM 47, upgrade of irrigation culvert

Rio Communities Library Board

When: 6 p.m., Wednesday April 27, in the council room

Agenda Highlight: Internet Use Agreement Discussion

Also on the agenda

  • Discussion of statement of concern regarding library resources
  • Public Comment
  • Board discussion and future agenda items