Florida state

Colin Jost sets a record; Bad Beat from the State of Florida; The brave on the brink

Trump seeks to block the January 6 panel’s access to its notes, call logs … Meet a new crop of new wordsDemocrats increasingly nervous on the elections in Virginia … I would love to have been blessed with All-Pro flow … The Let’s go brandon stuff is all a bit confusing … the state of florida provided the college the worst rhythm of the football season … Winners and losers fof a painting Saturday … Alec Baldwin speaks about a fatal shooting on the set of “Rust” … American Airlines cancels hundreds of flightsThe Northern Lights are in playTwo-week climate summit begins … Seth Meyers reacts to Colin Jost breaking his record as the anchor of the SNL weekend update … Ohio State survives and advances

The French Dispatch is Wes Anderson’s best film in at least a decade. [Uproxx]

Back-to-back home runs take the Braves to a 3-1 World Series lead. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Facebook’s Meta mission was described in a 2018 article stating “The Metaverse is ours to lose.” [CNBC]

Joe Buck is so good in October. [The Big Lead]

Michigan State has lost 16 late goals against Michigan. Then the magic happened.

Fall Out Boy – Champion

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