Get the first loan at no cost >> Loans easy with NemID

You can easily get a loan up to 12,000 dollars. How much you want to make use of the credit is up to yourself.

Previously, you could borrow small amounts for periods from 5 days to 30 days. If you needed a new loan, you should make a new application.

These loans have Kend now replaced with a credit. You can freely raise this credit when you wish. Thus, you do not have to make new applications every time you need a new amount. For example, are you missing often 500-1000 KR? at the end of the month, you do not have to make applications every month, but you can only raise the amount of your credit and pay the credit back when your salary goes into the account.

The best solution for short loans

Since Kend has become a credit instead of the very short micro-loan, the loan is in fact infinite. However, this does not change the fact that Kend is still the best solution for short-term loans.

You can still borrow for example $ 6,000 and payback after 30 days. Before, you should finish your existing loan before you could get a new loan. At the same time, you should make an application to get the new loan. With the new credit, you can always adjust how much you want to borrow.

Do you need to borrow small amounts for the things you are missing right now and here, just raise the amount on the credit? If you can pay back already at next month’s salary, which may only be a couple of days, you can do this electronically. You only pay interest for the actual loan period.

The new loan form with credit is thus still the best solution for short loans. At the same time, the solution is much more flexible and gives you exactly the options you need.

Free loan

Previously, at Kend, you could get your first microphone without charge and interest. You could thus get a loan of 6,000 KR. At no cost for 30 days.

This option has continued with the new credit. Once your credit has been created, you can raise up to $ 6,000 on the credit and repay the credit within 30 days. If you do this, it will remain completely free of cost.

If you raise your credit later, you will pay regular prices. Just the same way you did before your future loans.

Increase your credit over time

In order to reduce the risk that customers will not pay back, Kend always has limits on the amount of the loan in your age and how many times you have previously borrowed. If you were over 23 years old and should you borrow your first loan, you could borrow a maximum of 6,000 KR. The second time you borrowed you could borrow 6,000 KR. And at the 4th time, you could borrow 10,000 KR. At a time.

Today Kend does not offer loans, but instead credit. You choose how much you raise your credit. Ie how much amount you actually borrow at a time and for how long. However, the limits for how much credit you can get are the old loan rates. This means that as a new customer over the age of 23 you can get a credit of 6,000 KR. Over time, you can increase your credit so that you eventually get a credit of 12,000 KR. However, before you can raise the credit to 12,00KRkr. you must have proved that you are able to pay off on the part of the credit you have used.

Note that you can already get credit at Kend as a 20-year-old. However, at the age of 20, credit limits are slightly lower. As a 20-year-old you can reach a maximum credit limit of 6,000 KR.

To be eligible for credit at Kend, you must also be a Danish citizen, and you must not previously be registered as a bad payer, such as in RKI. Last but not least, you need NemID to receive your loan on your NemKonto. If you meet these requirements, your way is cleared to take your first loan/credit at Kend with super favorable terms.