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Butler named head coach of Eastern Florida State | News

BREVARD COUNTY — Doug Butler, who currently coaches cross country and track and field at Satellite High School, has been named Eastern Florida State College’s first cross country coach.

“I’ve tried applying to college before and it never worked out so this one with the school being a mile from my house it kind of played into my hands so as soon as I heard about it, I knew I was going to apply for it,” Butler said.

Mr. Butler will retain his position at Satellite High School. This is undoubtedly great news for the school’s programs given the immense success he had in high school. Mr. Butler has won 24 state championships and 15 runner-up awards as a coach, with those accomplishments having come at Satellite and also at Holy Trinity, where he previously coached.

“Satellite, I will continue to train in the morning,” Mr. Butler said. “My cross-country team always practices in the morning… My son is a sophomore here and I’m not zoned for Satellite. He fits in well here. He plays college football. He’s a freshman and he started most football games and he plays, a lot of playing time, so I didn’t want to take him out of Satellite and move him. All of his friends are here, so that was my main reason for staying. I also want to be able to finish with the freshman class I have here. It’s kind of my goal.

As one can imagine, his success at the secondary level seems to be an asset in terms of recruiting athletes to join the program at the EFSC.

“It seems to have helped me so far, as many local kids have already contacted me from Ocala, Tampa and South Florida. They’re very interested in coming here to race, so I think my name, my recognition, my success that I’ve had is a definite plus,” Mr. Butler said.

The EFSC cross-country season will begin in August. Mr Butler says the team will train at Wickham Park in Melbourne.

Mr. Butler already has ties to the school, having also competed in both track races and marathons in East Florida in the late 1980s.

“They had a track, I ran there for coach (Frank) Craig,” Mr Butler added. “I am very honored to be the first to coach Cross there. If Coach Craig was around today, I think he’d be pretty proud that someone who raced for him could kick off the program.

Those interested in more information should visit efsctitans.com.